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Food Network Star Interviewby Pattye Grippo    

Howie Drummond, season seven finalist of Food Network Star, is from Highlands Ranch, Colorado where he is a local radio show host. He worked in the restaurant business for seven years, striving to become a chef before he won a radio contest that changed his life. Although his career path changed, his love for food did not. Howie, who also hosted a local TV cooking show for three years in Denver, believes that food at its best brings family and friends together with love and entertainment.

Howie Drummond

I had a chance to speak with Howie Drummond on June 6, 2011 about appearing on and being eliminated from Food Network Star.

How difficult do you think it was so early in the competition for you to showcase your personality?

Howie Drummond:
I decided to just be who I am. That is what got me here and I can't change that. Take it or leave it, this is who I am. I like to cook and I like people. I do this show, Grill vs, Grill, in Colorado. We're just taping the finale for it now. I go to people's backyards where they are grilling all sorts of things in different ways, searching for Colorado's best backyard BBQ kings and queens. Grill vs, Grill goes into the backyards of two grill masters that show their techniques and skills on the grill and one of them walks away the winner. That's the sort of thing I like to do.

What was the biggest surprise for you on the show?

Howie Drummond:
Everything. I watched the last season of the show, so I thought I was ready for anything and in the end I was not ready for anything. When you watch the show it gives you no idea of what all happens behind the scenes and all the stiff that happens that doesn't make it on air. There is a lot going on at the same time. It is fun, but also exhausting in a good way.

What would you say stands out to you as a highlight of your experience on the show?

Howie Drummond:
Meeting Alton Brown. I did not know what to expect from him and he is a really great guy!

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