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Food Network Star Interviewby Pattye Grippo    

Justin Davis, season seven finalist of Food Network Star, brings experience from all levels of the restaurant business including host, waiter, bartender and line cook. The stay-at-home dad and current food blogger draws from cookbooks for inspiration, but rarely follows a recipe to a T. His no-nonsense attitude is reflected in his culinary style, as he values rustic cooking and favors bringing the farm to the table with few steps in between.

Justin Davis

I had a chance to speak with Justin Davis on July 5, 2011 about appearing on and being eliminated from Food Network Star.

If you had the chance to do this whole experience all over again what, if anything, would you do anything differently?

Justin Davis:
I know this sounds corny, but I wouldn't change anything. I learned I am not cut out for reality television, but beyond that I am happy with everything. The only thing I would change is if I could go back and somehow win it all.

What was the most surprising thing for you about this whole experience?

Justin Davis:
That I cried when Justin Balmes was eliminated. You did not see that on television, but when I went to the house and he was not there I got so sad. We had become such good friends and I realized he would not be there to talk with anymore.

What would you say stands out to you as a highlight of your experience on the show?

Justin Davis:
Week three. That's when we did the dessert challenge and I and my whole team came together and got everything just right. My food turned out exactly the way I wanted it to. It's the one time I forgot about the cameras and just had fun. I really enjoyed that episode.

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