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Food Network Star Interviewby Pattye Grippo    

Mary Beth Albright, season seven finalist of Food Network Star, is a 38 year old Washington, D.C. former attorney who decided to follow her passion for food and began seeking out a culinary career of her own. After studying ingredients in professional areas and as a home cook, Mary Beth now shares her expertise with others as a food writer and local expert for print and broadcast media outlets. She also works with children through her U.S. House of Representatives preschool cooking and gardening program.

Mary Beth Albright

I had a chance to speak with Mary Beth Albright on August 8, 2011 about appearing on and being eliminated from Food Network Star.

If you had the chance to do this whole experience all over again what would you do anything differently?

Mary Beth Albright:
That's a great question. On the one hand, how long have you got? If you had an hour I could probably fill an hour. The short answer is I think that more than anything my downfall was not being afraid. I thought a lot about this, like the Roosevelt quote "we have nothing to fear but fear itself", and that duck episode I could make the duck just fine, I could make great duck, but the problem is that I spent so much energy on how it was going to turn out that I didn't bring positive energy to my presentation. It also happened in the dessert challenge, when I spent a lot of energy worrying about how this is going to turn out, with shortbread cookies and such. I spent so much time worrying about it that I didn't bring enough positive energy to it. When things get crazy you have to open up, not shut down which is the challenge of entertainment work.

What was the most surprising thing for you about this whole experience?

Mary Beth Albright:
I think what surprised me the most is that I returned home very changed. This is a personal journey. As a viewer I'd seen everyone from the past six seasons as everything happened, I'd watched the show for years. I could see them crying or talking about the difficult things and you're thinking to yourself "Oh my gosh, are you kidding?" You're cooking and on camera for Bobby Flay, get over it. I really did change a lot as a person. I thought of it as cooking fantasy camp, a place to go for two months and cook for the greats and they would tell you how to do it better, and you would get better. But it is really more than that. The judges are trying to figure out who has it in them. It's a big job. On the one level, if you were ready to do the job you'd already be doing it. You enter this competition with salts. You have to do the challenges while remaining who you are. That's a personal journey.

Who do you think will win this?

Mary Beth Albright:
I have the worst answer in the world for this, I really think they could all do this job. I know that's a terrible answer, not a headline answer. Everybody has really strong strengths. But also everyone entered this competition with faults.

Jeff is an extraordinary performer who has deep cooking knowledge. He makes really great food. He made this asian tofu wrap in episode four, known to me as the meatloaf episode where my meatloaf was so awesome, and his tofu wrap was so good I ate two whole tofu wraps and I really hate tofu. I know that Jeff is a great performer and he has great culinary ability.

Susie has just the soul of a Mexican chef. There are a lot of people who cook Mexican food with the flavors, but she has such deep history with the food it makes me want to make it. She's the best cook in the competition. And I love Vic, he's so endearing in person. He's even more endearing on camera.

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